Let's Get Beautified

Honey Cosmetics was Founded in 2006 by Azalee Jones, who brings more than two decades of beauty industry experience  to the table. Over her career,  she has accrued a wealth of loyal clients, all of whom she referred to as "Honey": an affectionate term that her clients often used to describe her as well.


 In 2005 after specializing in all areas of lash application from individual, clusters, fibers  strip lashes, etc, she discovered that there was nothing in the market that provided women with the look of natural lashes and the style and flare of strip lashes.  In a dream she invented what came to be known as the “quick lash” and the method to apply them. She began applying it on friends family and clients.  The demand for the quick lash was overwhelming.


When deciding to branch out and expand her professional interests, she decided to honor these beloved clients by naming the business after them. As such Honey Cosmetics was born.


Truly focused on educating customers about her products, and delivering complete customer satisfaction, she has Developed services that alleviate the primary concerns for those new to makeup. She specializes in training customers who are intimidated by the overwhelming number of makeup choices and applications, by simplifying the process and concentrating on enhancing a customer's true beauty with minimal effort!